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Wormify wants to degrade plastic rubbish naturally and get rid of it quickly and effectively.

It is our goal to tidy up the mess that we all have made and to find a clean solution for us and our future generations.

It is known that some insect larvae have the ability to digest plastic. In our project, we first want to focus on the bacteria in mealworms (the larvae of Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus).

Scientists from Beihang University, Stanford University and BGI-Shenzhen extracted bacteria from the mealworm gut that are able to degrade polystyrene.


They isolated different bacterial strains which then formed a viable biofilm on a polystyrene film surfaces over a certain incubation period.


These Bacteria strains made obvious pits and cavities on the film surfaces and the hydrophobicity of these films had decreased.


They also verified the formation of carbonyl groups and the release of water-soluble daughter products.

In the meanwhile, while the mealworms happily feast on plastic waste,  we want to see how the transformation rate of future generations of mealworms increase as it is known that organisms adapt to carbon sources. The consumption of plastic is not harming the mealworms in any way.

Here's a video of Prof. Dr. Oehlmann with more detailed information about plastic pollution, plastic degradation & the potential of our project.

What we can achieve with your help!

setting up a building as a worm farm

Enable research

degrading plastic rubbish of companies

increase degradation rate

building bioreactors all over the world

Here where you can find us

  • Instagram - Grey Circle
  • Wormify Website
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Long story short: A variety of microorganisms present in the mealworms' gut make it digesting non-biodegradable food and transform it into biological matter such as CO2, water and biomass.


Since the breakdown of plastic is still too slow for immediate applications we want to enable research and make as much progress as possible in the shortest amount of time to start the change now.

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