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Absolicon Solar Collector AB is a listed Swedish technology company, specialized in concentrated solar thermal heat for industrial and district heating application. Absolicon mission is to help the industry with the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The company is combining state-of-the-art solar research with the sale of complete PTC (Parabolic Trough Collector) robotized production lines and solar thermal fields to industries and district networks.

Absolicon has built a robotized production lines able to produce 1 solar collector (3 kWth) every 6 minutes.

Absolicon is offering the only PTC (Parabolic Trough Collector) certified by Solar Keymar in the world with record 76% optical efficiency. We are providing complete production lines to change the energy mix in a region in short time.

Burning bio-fuels will not be enough, we need to use the solar heat directly, and start that process fast! Absolicon wish to get in contact with the highest level of industrial companies using heat 80C°- 150C° and cities that still is using fossil fuel burning district heating networks.

We can provide solar heat 10% cheaper than fossil fuel and without CO2 emissions!

Absolicon's bright star is T160 model: an efficient solar collector with high efficiency at high temperatures. The system is designed to drive industrial processes and generates hot water or steam from solar energy up to 160 ° C. The heat can also be used to drive solar cooling. 

Absolicon's technology with concentrated solar energy is based on over 20 years of Swedish research. The Absolicon T160 has been tested certified at the prominent Swiss testing institute SPF Institute for Solar Technology.

Benefits - T160 solar collector

  • High efficiency at high temperatures;

  • Easier integration with existing systems;

  • Provides higher energy exchange;

  • Energy security for the future;

  • Provides a high environmental profile;

  • Lower environmental impact on life cycle analysis (LCA). 

Absolicon solar collectors are adapted for larger buildings, industries and businesses with high energy requirements throughout the year. We have extensive experience in delivering turnkey solar energy systems that generate the energy the buyer needs, now and in the future.

Using solar thermal energy instead of oil and gas has many advantages:

  • Reduced particle, NOx and SOx emissions to the local surroundings;

  • Reduced global warming;

  • Reduced energy cost and increased profit;

  • Energy security – stay safe from increasing cost and international crises.

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  • LinkedIn Absolicon
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The electricity supply of the world (20% of total energy usage) is now solved thanks to photovoltaic and wind energy. But to make industries and cities CO2 free, solar concentrators are needed to provide heat and steam (50% of total energy usage).

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